Travel Insurance For Your Vacation

Do your travel insurance comparison online to save time, worry and loads of money!

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Travel insurance for your vacation

Do your travel insurance comparison online to save time, worry and loads of money!

  • We know travel insurance
  • Heaps of information and tips
  • Quote comparison coming soon


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Trending Tips And Guides

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WHY Buy Travel Insurance?

We’re not silly, we know that plenty of Canadians go on holiday exploring new destinations without buying a policy. But taking a gamble on your much needed break can be risky.

Exxy Medical Costs says it best! "Get travel insurance no matter where you're going or how long you'll be there!" Did you know your Canadian health insurance is not valid outside of Canada? Falling ill or sustaining an injury while travelling overseas can be extremely costly. Hospital costs in the USA alone can reach a whopping $10,000 per day!

Disasters Can Strike

Whether you're hungry for the Big Apple, pining for Paris or hear London calling; it's important to recognize that disasters can strike- no matter your destination. You can't predict when a natural catastrophe might happen, nor when injury halts your holiday. Should you require emergency assistance during your vacation, take cover with travel insurance.

Trip cancellations

Imagine you’re mid-way to the airport when you have an accident on route. Or at the last minute a relative falls seriously ill and you have to cancel your vacation. Should you need to return home, or cancel, you'll be covered for a range of unforeseen events such as accidents, injuries, illness or the death of travelling companion or close relative.

Your stuff is important

What happens when you land in Miami, but your luggage doesn't? Perhaps you've been pickpocketed in Mexico before you've even had a sip of your Margarita? Loss, theft or damage to your prized possessions can be a common, yet gut-wrenching experience. If your personal belongings go AWOL on vacation, your policy will pay to replace or repair them.

For your peace of mind

Travel insurance will take a load off so you can get some R&R. Your policy will cover you and your family for an array of sticky situations whether you're travelling within Canada, or overseas.

Because You Have To

If you travel outside Canada for business or pleasure, buying a policy is a great back-up plan. It's worth knowing that some countries (such as Cuba) won’t even let you in without cover!

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Not sure which policy to pick? Our travel insurance reviews are here to help! Get the inside scoop on everything from claims handling to customer experience.

Or perhaps you want to have your say? Whether you love or loathe your travel insurer rate them on customer service, value for money & more! Help out your fellow savvy shoppers today!

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