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Border hop travel insurance

Are you hopping over to the Big Apple or visiting the windy city of Chicago, perhaps you can't wait to recreate the scenes from sleepless in Seattle? No matter where your trip takes you within the USA or overseas, don't cross the border without packing travel insurance for your trip!

Did you know your Canadian health insurance is not valid outside of Canada? Sometimes not even outside of your own province! Falling ill or sustaining an injury while traveling overseas can be extremely costly without the right protection.

So, if you regularly border hop, whether it be near or far, perhaps you travel for work or to visit family, a frequent border hop policy can save you time and money!

What is frequent border hop insurance?

A frequent traveler policy covers you for all your emergency medical care over the course of a 12 month period. It doesn't matter if you go overseas twice a year, or 25 times. You can take as many trips as you like and you'll be protected year round. The only caveat is that per trip limits may apply, so make sure you check those before you go booking any longer length sojourns. 

What does it cover?

    • Overseas emergency medical assistance: Did you know hospital costs in the USA can reach a whopping $10,000 per day! A border hop policy will cover for all your medical expenses for injury or illness including prescription drugs, doctor visits, hospital stays and even surgery.
    • Hospital expenses: It totally sucks that you're in hospital when you should be enjoying your vacation. But at least all your hospital expenses are covered when you buy the right policy. It you are bandaged up abroad, you'll be insured for any calls you make, TV you watch, food you buy and more!
    • Emergency evacuation: No one can predict when accidents might happen. If the unthinkable should occur and you need to be evacuated quick smart, have peace of mind that your policy will get you to the nearest hospital or even get you back home whichever is best for you at the time. 
    • Emergency dental: It's typical isn't it, the minute you go overseas you crack a molar. With border hop insurance you're covered for any unforeseen dentist visits for cracks, chips, fillings and more! 
    • Lost luggage: You arrive in your destination, but your luggage doesn't - a common frustration of travelling. At least with bag protection a dedicated team will help track down your belongings that have gone AWOL.
    • Travelling companion expenses: Need a friendly face by your bedside when you're sick and away from home? No worries - flights, insurance, and basic meals are covered for your bedside companion. 



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