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Travel insurance for visitors to Canada

Are you a non-resident visiting Canada from overseas? Or do you live in Canada and need to arrange travel insurance for friends or family visiting you on a Super Visa? Perhaps you're studying here or you're just new to the country and don't yet have GHIP set up? No matter your circumstances we can help visitors to Canada find the perfect policy!

Why do visitors need travel insurance in Canada?

Falling ill or sustaining an injury while travelling overseas can be extremely costly. Hospital costs in the USA alone can reach a whopping $10,000 per day! Tourists planning to travel to Canada should make sure they have proper emergency medical coverage prior to beginning their vacation; because unlike Canadian residents receiving treatment in their home province, international visitors and tourists are not covered by the Canadian government for even the most basic hospital care. 

Who is eligible for a visitors policy?

  • Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan (GHIP)
  • Persons who are in Canada on a work visa
  • Those on a parent and grandparent Super Visa
  • New immigrants who are awaiting on Canadian GHIP

Visit the Government of Canada for more information on eligibility and visas, how to apply, processing times, what to expect when you arrive in Canada and how to extend your stay. 

When should I purchase?

Visitors to Canada travel plans should ideally be purchased before you arrive in Canada, however many insurers do allow you to buy when you get here, but time limits on this will vary. For example, if cover is purchased on arrival, a waiting period of anywhere between 48 hours to 7 days can apply in the case of illness.

Compare visitor travel insurance


Top medical cover 

Illness waiting period

Age limits

1Cover $150,000  48 hours Under 84 years 
AIG $150,000  48 hours Plan 1 & 2 under  84 years. Plan 3 under 74 years
Blue Cross $150,000  48 hours Under 79 years 
RSA  $150,000 

48 hours if under 85 years and purchased < 30 days before arrival. 

7 days if under 85 years and purchased > 30 days before arrival. 

15 days if over 86 years and purchased > 30 days before arrival.

 No upper age limit 
INGLE International  $1,000,000 

48 hours (up to age 70) or 5 days (aged 71-90)

Under 90 years
 GMS  $150,000

48 hours if purchased > 30 days before arrival. 

7 days if purchased < 30 days before arrival. 

Under 55 years 
Manulife  $150,000 

48 hours if purchased > 30 days before arrival.  

8 days if purchased < 30 days before arrival. 

 Under 69 years
RBC   $150,000 Must be purchased before arrival or within 5 days. Plan III under 69 years. Plan I under 89 years

Can I leave Canada and still be covered?

In many cases yes! Cover for short trips outside of Canada are permitted as part of your visitors policy. However, your trips must start and end in Canada and you cannot spend more time outside of Canada that within. For example, 1Cover's policy provides protection for visitors to Canada for up to 365 days, which includes coverage for side trips taken outside of the country, as long as at least 50% of your trip takes place in Canada.

In some cases a trip to your country of origin is not covered. However if you purchase a frequent traveler visitors plan, you can often return to your country of origin as many times as you like.

What does a overseas visitors policy typically cover? 

  • Emergency medical expenses: If you need medical attention on your trip, you're covered! Choose between different cover options ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000! Includes emergency dental too.
  • Hospital room: If you are hospitalized you will be reimbursed for expenses, phone calls, TV and more!
  • Emergency evacuation: Need to get somewhere fast? If you are in need of immediate medical attention you'll be covered for ambulance or air evacuation services, even the cost of flights to get you home if need be.
  • Professional services & fees: Cover for fees for nurses and physicians required for emergency medical treatment. This includes physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths or podiatrists.
  • Bedside companion: If you're travelling alone and are admitted to a hospital, some policies cover the reasonable travel expenses for someone to come and be with you. Ahh!
  • Returns of remains: If you die on your trip this policy will pay for reasonable expenses to return to to your departure point.

Like any policy there are exclusions around pre-existing medical conditions, so make sure you understand your cover by reading the Product Disclosure Statement before you buy. 

Whether you're here for a quick visit, or an extended break, overseas visitors travel insurance cover is a vital part of every trip. Get cover today to ensure a smooth-sailing, stress free holiday!


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